BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

From Twitter 07-18-2009

  • 09:31:32: Cathater coming out! Yay! And dressing off the staples! May take traumatizing pics of staples maybe.
  • 11:45:04: Percocet yay! Makes coughing and stuff less painfull.
  • 11:48:28: @sophie_448 I walked again today! And have no more cathater!
  • 19:39:57: @ Chat Okay, which one of you is to blame this time? This is about the WORST time to get my period.
  • 19:51:07: @sophie_448 Moo?
  • 19:52:15: @sophie_448 Moo!
  • 19:53:55: @sophie_448 About to get morphine. May go sleeeeeep.
  • 19:55:11: @sophie_448 <3333333333
  • 21:48:37: In random news, the Ensure Breakfast Shake things are shockingly yummy and taste like rice crispies/coco puffs.
  • 23:28:35: Fail: Bladder intterupting your sleep because it has to be emptied RIGHT now.
  • 23:32:34: Note to self for Outbox: Minimum of morphine at 11:30.

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