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From Twitter 07-15-2009

  • 00:09:46: @piinkstilettos what @_annella said?
  • 09:17:03: Okay. So one Percocet does nothing, two makes me SO DIZZY. Also, sleeping on your IV hand SUCKS.
  • 10:18:21: -
  • 10:24:11: -
  • 10:24:25: @sophie_448 I LOVE YOU TOO! YOU AND KATE ARE SO AMAZING! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • 10:30:50: @sophie_448 The first one is a Great Dane, the therapy dog that came by, and the second are the flowers and balloon! <3333333
  • 10:53:05: Fgftd Holy fuck that was scary. Chest pains FTL. EKG is normal, same w/pulse, BP and temp. Possibly I moved and the cyst twisted.
  • 12:03:31: -
  • 13:46:40: @waterofthemoon ...I think you guys need a new car.
  • 13:52:47: @waterofthemoon Put ten on black!
  • 15:27:30: @ Chat: When my surgery is done tomorrow Ma and CJ will be making the calls so they will be coming from area codes 602 and/or 480.
  • 15:28:34: Surgery will be closed with staples tomorrow, and I will be on MASSIVE amounts of drugs, because that's such a deep pain I don't even
  • 15:28:40: want to think about it.
  • 22:03:49: Surgery should take AROUND three hours tomorrow. Not positive, because they won't know for sure until they're inside.
  • 22:04:18: Also, surgeon noticed I hadn't had a cardiogram or chest x-ray since coming in here so that'
  • 22:04:37: s gonna happen sometime tonight.
  • 22:05:40: @waterofthemoon Starts at 7:30 AM. So it might be done around 10:30 AM.
  • 22:09:57: @waterofthemoon Thank you! <3333333333
  • 22:48:23: Went to chest x-ray and came back in less than fifteen minutes. NICE.

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