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Watching Scrubs in a hospital is very surreal

Okay, so, first we thought it was the appendix.

Then because the pain was SO severe and there was no fever, and because my dad had twelve at once when I was little, we thought kidney stones.

Then we found out it's a large mass on my right ovary. It's thirty-six centimeters, which is about fourteen inches, and they expect it to weigh about four or five pounds.

I don't have clotting issues and the first blood test came back negative for cancer markers (the second takes a week to come back), so that, in addition to the surgeon explaining the rarity of it being cancer at my age.

When I was 17 or 18 and at Job Corps Grandma was making me and Yussie get our check-ups after getting insurance. One of the doctors I went to said I had a cyst on my ovary, but that it was really common in girl my age and to give it a few months and see if my period got rid of it on it's own, which happens sometimes, apparently. So I think maybe this could be the same one.

My surgery is scheduled for 0730 on Thursday. They don't know how long it's going to take because there's a chance they might have to take out my right ovary, but they won't know until they're in there. They're gonna cut me from chest to pelvis and then I'm gonna be here for a week or so after, then another while at home before going back to work.

And now, pictures!

Here's my arm with just the first IV in it.

Here's it with both of my IVs.

Me, half-asleep in bed with my Pooh Bears.

My non-IVed left arm, after having blood drawn from it four or five times in about thirty-something hours.

Me in bed this morning, via Sam's webcam.

The IVd arm with the cover.

And THE HORROR that it is without it.
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