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My Week

Monday I worked 0545-2100 with two fifteen minute breaks and no lunch.

Tuesday I worked 0545-1500 with two fifteen minute breaks and no lunch.

Wednesday I worked 0545-2100 with two fifteen minute breaks and no lunch.

Thursday I worked 0545-2100 with two fifteen minute breaks and no lunch.

Friday I had off and went to the doctor, where I sat for an hour and a half for him to walk in, sign two pieces of paper and walk out (yay! Handicap plates when I get my car!), and then took Mom out to eat.

Saturday I worked 0800-1600, came home, tried to help my mom find out if my grandma had died, and coded the NL until 0200 at which point I fell asleep before posting.

Yeah, that's right. We don't know if my mom's mom is alive or not because Mom has been trying to call her for a few weeks or so now and getting no answer. And then her brother—a massive douchebag of rarely seen proportions—answered the phone on Thursday and told mom that Grandma was done with her and didn't want to talk to her anymore. Which I do not believe at all, because she still talked to mom when mom was high and only called for money, and now Ma's doing it right and sober and now Grandma doesn't want to talk to her?

That doesn't make sense. Especially since the last time Ma talked to her she called Ma back to say that if her and CJ were gonna come visit this summer (which they had been planning on trying to do) that they could stay with her.

And my uncle is just the kind of raging asshole who wouldn't tell mom if Grandma died just so that he could get the house or whatever, like the colossal tool that he is.

And, in non-RL things, I am trying to figure out how to get as much OT as I can cram in while trying to finish my Big Bang in time for posting. And, also, I coded until 0200 last night and fell asleep about two entries before posting, because I'm a fucking winner.
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