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Holy Shit, Guys

My brother got robbed last night at work.

He works graveyard shift in a Circle K, replacing a guy who quit after they got robbed. Ma's pretty sure it was the same two guys who robbed the last one. He had a SHOTGUN shoved in his face and they even took the money out of his wallet ($250 that was for moving in to his new apartment).

Graveyard isn't usually supposed to have more than $45 in the register at any given time, the rest goes into a time-lock safe, but Yussie's still new enough that he doesn't have a key for it, so his whole pull was in there. After they grabbed that they asked if he had any money and he said no and, holy shit, dude, then they told him to give them his wallet and I am seriously so happy that they didn't fucking shoot him when they found the money in it. And, hey, plus side, they threw the wallet back after so he doesn't have to get everything replaced.

Also, I fucking LOVE Circle K now, because apparently they have a very, VERY strict set of rules about what to do during and after a robbery, and their security got there before the cops, even.
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