BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

From causette:

"elsmoka has made a post to her journal where she's made a competition on who's hotter; Orlando Bloom or Smallville's Michael Roesnbaum. There is no dissing allowed or anything. It's basically, make a comment with your choice by posting pictures of him, no more then 5 pictures per comment and max 5 comments allowed. Then on Sunday the pictures will be counted and guy that gets most pictures will be 'the hottest'.

This is a challenge where she's trying to prove a point.

See her post here.

I would love nothing more then if my friends went over there and commented for Orlando. If you don't have a photohost or don't know how to post pictures or just can't be bothered to upload 5 pictures then you are more then welcome to use my photobucket. I have endless bandwidth and a shitload of random Orlando pictures here. Copy the Tag line (the middle row) and post it in the comments and the picture will show up. Just try to not pick really big pictures cause then the comments will be so hard to view."

Well. I spammed and I pimped. My work is done now.
Tags: graphics, links, squeeage

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