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The good: I haz a new tablet!

The bad: It says it has 1,024 levels of pressure but I can only get the normal thick, dark lines from it on PS.


The bad: SHOW TOMORROW! Dude, the show makes me worry.

The good: I got five sales today!

The bad: I have seven for the WEEK.

Also, I have been falling asleep and having accidental naps all week because I've had less than fifteen hours of sleep since Sunday. I'm pretty sure the eye infection I had is back, too. Which is more lamesauce. Also, I did 19.75 hours of OT last week and I am pretty sure I'm not actually going to be able to keep, like, any of that money for myself.

I have Friday off and plan on sleeping a LOT and working more on Big Bang. And, also, I will try to answer comments on my fic.

Speaking of, mine got picked by celtic_cookie because she cheats and, also, probably did not want to hear me cry for the next few months because I was the last pick or something. I had a really shitty summary for a combination of reasons.

1) I was tired and didn't want to think too hard;
2) I was lazy, and didn't want to think too hard, and;
3) I realized that my main plot is actually a surprise, seeing as how it takes 10k for it to be unveiled, so I could only give certain details about it without giving that away.

The only real thing that bothers me about that is that now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I'm going to do the ACTUAL summary when the time comes.
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