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I hate today. Bunches. Got barely ANY sleep last night, don't have a password for my new work effieincy system, have not taken break because I spent two hours on a call that was SO DAMN DIFFICULT and mae me looks and feel like I was completely inept and didn't know my asshole from my elbow, I got yelled at by someone because we keep calling her, and with seven pages of comments and two grabs a piece my fic has still not been picked for art.

Oh, and, also, I got knocked COMPLETELY out of the top three so I get NO bonus and my comission won't be as high as it was gonna be. Also, I got paid on Friday and have barely over a hundred bucks, which will be even less soon.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go home, kick Yussie out of the room and cry until it's Tuesday.

BY THE WAY. Anyone who gets telemarketing calls when they're on the DNC list? Most of the time it IS an error in the computer system, we will be MORE than happy to go ahead and put in a ticket to get it fixed.

If you are the kind of asshat who SCREAMS at the person who answers the phone when you call to complain I want you to defriend me RIGHT the fuck now. I can tell you that 99.99999999% of the time the person who picks up the phone DID NOT PERSONALLY CALL YOU. Stop being stupid assholes and try to be a fucking human being, douchebags.
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