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Job Corps on the weekend...

...Is creepy and surreal. Okay the start t/d of this post is 7:22 pm 2-28-04 and I'm bpounging between doing this post and browsing the Bratz site (Which has to load a flash every new page). Shut up, I'm bored. And oh my god they have MASH! I must go geek real quick. Okay nevermind. I just realized I'm related to all the guys I know that are real. ::Whimpers::

Okay anyway: Job Corps. Okay at about 7 I'm leaving the dorms, that means I slowly go down the stairs, out into the lobby in front of the common room and out the front door. As I'm walking down It has a pond and a small waterfall that the trainee's built, anyway there's also the concrete path out onto the road (One side of the street is the campus and the otherside is the dorms) that has a few concrete bench-type things outlining it. Well anyway I'm walking out slowly and as I pass the benches there's one of the trainee's and these 2 girls sitting on one of the benches strumming a guitar and singing this kinda Sarah McLaughlin'ish song. There are like 4 or 5 people in the smoking area across the street (The creepies of that will be explained later) and that's it. Just the 3 of them singing to no one in particular. And then it strikes me.

I've accidently wandered into a movie ending. I mean, if you totaly disregard the fact that I've been on my comp since 4:30 and was headed to snack cause I was hungry it would be a perfect movie ending. Vaugely School Ties.

Okay demi-new topic. Job Corps has around 400+ people attending and a little more than 200 living in the dorms. At any given moment there are at least 10 people in the smoking area. At any given moment all 10 washers and all 10 dryers for the 200 previously-mentioned Res's are in use. At any given moment the 8 phones for the just mentioned 200 Res's are in use. At any given moment every cell-phone anyone here owns is in use or charging because it just *was* in use.

Except for weekends.

Friday at 3:30 everyone get's out of school. (3 if it's a pay week) by friday at 4:30 (4) almost everyone is gone. In fact to prove it I'm going to go and count all the girls on 2nd floor. We have 11 girls on the floor right now (4 literaly) and 1 RA. The RA's rotate and no matter what at least 1 is always here. Let me tell you something, few things are scarier than silently walking alone down a 1/2 lit school hallway with a flickering light (I shit you not). Talk about cold-shivers man!

On a last note I *really* don't like Liz. Me and my roomates are in room 215, Liz and hers are in 216. She so fucking annoying I don't know where to begin. Except for the fact that she seems to think I want her and I want to *hurt* her. Don't get me wrong I'm not a homophobe, 1 of my bro's are gay, I'm a fag hag and bi-something.

I don't want to say bisexual because, honestly? I have issues and the thought of sex with anybody makes me hypervenitlate, my internal organs shake, my muscles tense, and my skin itch. That's fear, I know because I'm also terrified of the dark (for a different reason I think). I think men and woman are hot a I very much like kissing and touching to an extent, but sex. Re-read the whole fear thing.

Anyway! Back to the whole Liz thing. She seems to think that cause she's gay and I'm bi I want her. She likes to come in my room and climb all over me and (I swear!) try to give me lapdances. I don't say anything because my "issues" kinda make me afraid to say no to people("Gee? Wonder what her problem is?"). Also? She likes to wagg/wiggle her tongue at me whenever she sees me. I swear, if her and Christine weren't such good friends and if I thought she'd get anything more than a slap on the wrist I'd go to file Sexual Harrassment charges on her. I'm not a prude or anything, she's been asking me to marry her since the SF Gay Marriage's came on the news, and that's cool cause she's joking but the whole sex thing...Okay admitidly I'm probably seeing this as something bigger than it is cause of the much mentioned issues but...I dunno. Whatever. Maybe I'll write more later but now I'm headed surfing for...uh? Probably some slash. Or to learn about Degrassi (Canadian show that has a couple of HoYay!hottie's). Yeah. Bye.
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