BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


  • 05:45 Work. EW. #
  • 11:12 There are, like, no calls today. Fail, work. I DID however manage to male >250 words on Big Bang. #
  • 11:13 @gigglingkat I am SO afraid to ask. #
  • 11:14 @poisontaster TOTALLY knew you were a lesbian. Now there's PROOF! #
  • 11:22 @poisontaster We thought it best you find out on your own. #
  • 11:28 I think my chocolate frosting defeats the purpose of my salad. #
  • 11:29 Also, sounds bad but is REALLY not: chocolate frosting on Ritz crackers. #
  • 16:01 My brother decided to watch S3 while I was at work apparently. HEE! #
  • 16:07 @pez_gurl IT IS SO YUMMEH! #
  • 16:07 @alazysod Dude, no. On the Ritz. #
  • 16:35 @pliskin That would just be odd. I'm not THAT much like Dean. #
  • 16:47 @alazysod Twitter is made of FAAAAAAAAAAIL. #
  • 16:53 @impalalove That almost makes me wanna voicepost me sing-songing "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!" :P #
  • 17:03 @meggytron #
  • 19:17 Broke 6k on my Big Bang! #
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