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Quickie at Work


I fucking hate being sick, I spent WAY too many years sick, and it's total fail.

Sam should be back on Monday! Gateway shipped him back on Wednesday afternoon and he should be home by Monday according to FedEx's site.

Have I mentioned I feel like crap? My chest hurts, my stomach hurts, and I can feel it scraping inside when I cough.

Needless to say, looks like I'm not going to see Jared's movie tonight. :(

Also, I have not been getting much sleep lately, due in part to a ton of drama that's been going on. So that's not really helping me get better. Also, stress fucks with your immune system; trufax.

I've barely written at all since Sam got sent to be repaired, but I DO have an idea for Big Bang, and two backups, as well! I might maybe try to post about them later, but IDK. I've been "going to" for a while now and it totally hasn't worked.

Okay, so. Yeah. Back to work now. Off in four hours, woot!
Tags: drain bamage, drama, rl, rl: work

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