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Quickie from the verily broked Sam II

So apparently I got all four wisdom teeth without noticing.

I had this like, quick-attack headache thing this morning right behind my left eye socket and going down to my left-top eye teeth gums, right? And CJ, then Ma, suggested I was getting my wisdom teeth in. And I was pretty sure at least the bottom ones had already come in because I remember habitually playing with the bottom left one when it was still partially in the gums. And Ma said that they way I handle pain (new pain: I'm not good at it) we've all known if they came in. So we counted my teeth (32) and Googled to see if that number was how many you were supposed to have. And everything said "thirty-two permanent teeth" but didn't mention if that was with or without the wisdom teeth—because we couldn't agree if they'd be called permanent since they're removed.

Then I went to Wiki and found the entry on how dentists number the teeth, clicked on where about the pain came from (16) and the first sentence is, "The maxillary third molar (commonly known as a wisdom tooth)."

So, yeah. I gots me all mines, apparently.

ld;cn f And there goes the hing on Sam II's screen.

So, yeah. Eight hours of OT today and probably calling a dentist about these teeth.

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