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[Fic] (J2) The Plaid Couch

Title: The Plaid Couch
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Wordcount: 156
Summary: Jared, Jensen, and a foldout couch.
Notes/Acknowledgments: Written for waterofthemoon, who isn't feeling good and wanted cuddling. Betad by celtic_cookie.

Todd made fun of them when they first got it. "It's not like you guys don't already have a bed."

But it's different on the couch. Cuddling on their bed doesn't really happen much, and when it does it's kind of secondary and incidental.

Cuddling on the pull-out means it's purposeful. Means they specifically mean to curl up together and enjoy it. Jensen's cold hands tucked between their chests, Jared's arms wrapped around him, keeping them close together and warm. Pillows propped on couch cushions propped under their heads, a whole nest of blankets and extra pillows surrounding them, securing them nice and comfy. They usually watch TV—Discovery Channel or something—or sometimes put on a movie.

There's no sex. Usually lots of kissing though. Soft, small little brushes of mouth against mouth and deeper kisses, with hands that never wander lower than lower backs.

It's not about the sex, it's about everything else.
Tags: fic, fic genre: slash, fic pairing: jared/jensen, fic rating: pg, fic: cwrps

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