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Clarification on the last post

1. I was raised by drug addicts. My mother and step-father are five years clean, my big brother is about a year or so clean (and in prison) and my dad is in prison and probably not clean. I have seen them smoke crack. I have seen people OD in front of me (at fourteen nonetheless). I have seen my big brother go through heroin withdrawls. I have had lightbulbs stolen by tweakers who then smoked them.

There is absolutely nothing you can ever say that will make me think doing crack, heroin, meth, X, coke, glass or whatever is anything less than fucking horrible. I repeat: I do not care if I offend you. SIXTEEN YEARS of my life was spent with drug addicts.

2. Re: Drinking. As those of you at WinCon know, I don't generally mind other people drinking. I just don't feel like going out and being the only sober person there. Really, the biggest thing there is just that drunk people? Are usually nowhere near as amusing to sober people as they think they are. And, relating to part the first up there, I have already spent enough of my life nodding along to people who make no fucking sense at all.

It's weird, cause I like drunk posts, and drunks at WinCon kinda rock (they talk about COCK and PORN and WINCEST and J2), but I cannot stand being around people who are drunk, like, because it's Friday.

3. If you don't know the names of a large chunk of the people you've slept with you're slutting around. If you've ever had a Maury Povich kind of "I don't know who my Baby Daddy is because I've slept with half the town and they were all right around the same time" moment you're slutting around.

Slutting around is not just having a lot of sex. If you're an irresponsible idiot about it (USE CONDOMS, PEOPLE. RL IS NOT FIC.) then... Well. You could totally be slutting around. You could also just be a great big idiot.
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