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Work and people.

I can't stand most of the people I work with already, and I technically am not even out of training until Friday.

I just have no respect at all for people who do drugs. I mean, pot is one thing, I don't really like it but the worst thing you'll do on it is hammer your thumb trying to make a twelve-foot bong or sit all day and do nothing, but everything else is just... The dumb bitch who sits next to me today was talking with some of the other guys about how she was gonna get an eight-ball tonight. As if that's not bad enough she told me a few days ago about how her mom has been sober for seven years.

People really fucking disgust me.

P.S. If I offend you with this post I don't care. Feel more than free to defriend me right away.

It would be nice to have some friends outside of the internet—people to see more than once a year. But I'm not about to pretend I like drinking or doing drugs or going out dancing or slutting around. There WAS a girl I saw in the net cafe the other day, though. Apparently she had MSN, AIM and Yahoo, and knew Firefox (but didn't know Meebo). My luck I'll ask if she has an LJ and then she'll never speak to me again after seeing mine.

UGH. I need to just bleed and fucking get it over with. That way I can stop with the fucking emo.
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