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MiniNaNoWriMo: This time with porn!

I have no idea if I'm even gonna make a MiniNaNo filter, since every time I make a writing-type one I end up, like, totally not using it. Cause I am a WINNAR like that. I'm still making a poll though, for in case I decide to make a filter and attempt to maybe use it this time.

Poll #1289328 MiniNaNoWriMo

I wanna be on your filter!


If you can't vote on it I don't have you friended. And, I'm sorry, but I have a huge FList already, I'm not gonna add you just so you can be on a filter.

Ben AU
Outline wordcount: 5,763
Current fic wordcount: 0
An AU where not only is Ben really Dean's son but, for reasons not including a flaming beauty death of Lisa, where Dean has to raise him. This was tentatively set to be a retelling of the series, but it turns out that while my brain wants me to know everything that happens now with Ben added, Ben wants the story told a different way.

Outline wordcount: 17,203
Current fic wordcount: 0*
The not-sequel to Postcards (From Easy Street). This one is a retelling of the series, and while that is a large amount more difficult than I thought it would be, I have faith that I can manage this nicely.

Outline wordcount: 3,882
Current fic wordcount: 0
This was originally supposed to be for SC but I veered so freakin' far from my actual prompt (which was changed, as you'll see below) that it just became my own little random thing. It's Jared and Jensen, newly out as a couple to their families, going home for Christmas. This was totally inspired by Jensen's old Leeza appearance where he mentions that everyone he's related to is stuffed in one house, and an entire room for presents, etc.

Outline wordcount: ZMOG NO OUTLINE!!!!!!
Current fic wordcount: 5,311
Yet another prompt that got twisted. It doesn't even resemble what it is now. This fic starts with Jared and Jensen's very first meeting and goes from there. It was kind of largely influenced by the fact that we realized The Pic Of Love was taken while they were filming HOOKMAN. Yeah, the third ep they filmed. A little over 5k later I'm in the middle of them filming Wendigo with possibly no end in sight.

Post-Hell (Pre-S4 planned) SC
Outline wordcount: 871 on one doc, and another doc lost somewhere on Sam with another
Current fic wordcount: 0*
Sam brings Dean back from The Pit. And totally, completely, really didn't go evil. No, really. Seriously. And Dean is WORRIED. This was planned pre-S4 and is completely AU now.

Other fic you might see me work on

Outline wordcount: 682
Current fic wordcount: 1,317
Because it's always Jensen who gets paired with everyone he's ever met.

Outline wordcount: 0
Current fic wordcount: 1,557
Was originally for apocalyptothon, but the stupid fucking thing STALLED and ground to a halt before I could get it to the fucking prompt.

SPN/SGA crossover
Outline wordcount: 7,044
Current fic wordcount: 1,605
Sam doesn't run away to Stanford, he runs away to the Marines (and Dean comes with). This is them in Atlantis. Wincesty, too, for extra fun!

South of Stepford
Outline wordcount: 124
Current fic wordcount: 67
This one stalled fucking HARD after In The Beginning, since it's five possible versions of Mary's backstory. I think it's salvageable, though.

Priestly and Sam Winchester are complete chicken-shits
Outline wordcount: 173
Current fic wordcount: 297
Sam/Priestly that I might actually do now that more than five people in fandom have seen Tith.

* I occasionally will attempt to write a fic and the writing turns into an extended outline, when this happens I don't count it as an outline or as words for the fic.

So, yes. These are some of the fics you might see me ramble/talk about this month. Now, to go try and work on my J2!
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