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Okay, so there's this thing called fics4books, that is set up by the mafuckingnificent ashley with a truly terrifying amount of help from waterofthemoon. Here is the main explanation link but, basically, ashley is a school teacher and a fucking amazing person who is whoring her friends out to get the Freedom Writers to come speak at her school.

So, go. Bid on me and other people (We have strippedpink and dontyouwaitup and ashley herself and SO MANY OTHERS) and go get ashley's kids some money, yo.

What I'm selling: Art? For SPN, CWRPS, SGA, various comic fandoms (mostly DCU and Vertigo, but can attempt others with proper monetary motivation). I can't do manips (well, I can, but no one wants to see that) but I can do graphic art and, if you're willing to wait while tech issues are sorted out, drawings via tablet. I can also do art for fic, so long as either you are the author or you get permission from the author.
Tags: friends: ashley, pimp

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