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Sammy Power Mini!Meta

So. Assuming that Sam's visions stopped happening when they killed the YED it would make sense that Sam's visions were sent by the YED.

Think about it; they were usually (but not always—Home was about Mary) about the special kids and usually (but not always) ended in the death of one of the kids.

So, basically, YED was using Sammy's Emo Death Visions of Redundant Emo Death to get Sammy in on the Battle Royal early. Even if Max took himself out and Gordon took out Scott. He was trying to do to Sam what he managed to do to Ava—turn him into a killer and make his perfect general even more perfect.

I fucking hate BWI and it's internet, BTW.

P.S. I need to make a new meta icon (and not just because my skills have totes improved since I made this one). Anyone got any ideas for quotes and shit?
Tags: fandom: supernatural, meta

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