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WinCon is officially over. Write-up will come later because right now I'm busy trying to write slut!Jared.

I'm not actually home right now because me, waterofthemoon and jadetate's flights all leave tomorrow afternoon. This is kind of suck-ass because, due to missing roommates and the lack of me re-doing the room prices and shit, the three of us are without a room for the night.

We were talking with fangirls last night and we know there's at least one staying in the hotel until tomorrow, but we don't know her name or username. Only that she has long purple hair. We win, right?

There's no huge thing there, though. I mean, it's not like we can't stay the night in the airport if we have to.

So, yeah. If anyone here knows the fangirl with the purple hair, or some other fangirl staying tonight? It would be awesome if you could drop a comment here and let me know.

*Goes back to writing Tom/Jared/Jamie*
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '08

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