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WinCon: An (Impromptu) Salon!

Okay, WinCon folks. You've seen the fine panels with which we've been presented. You've seen the schedule. You're going to be here in scenic Charm City, and you're asking yourself, where can I discuss issues of mythology, meta, plot arcs, and, of course, the awesomeness that is John Winchester? Ask no longer! We have a plan.

Myself, aka clex_monkie89, waterofthemoon, littlewings04, and a bevy of other delightful fangirls have your nerd needs covered. We want to host An (Impromptu) Salon. For those of you who slept through European History, we're paying homage to the great 19th century intellectual tradition of gathering with cocktails and beautiful women to talk about the Great Issues of the Day, only with more talk about pretty boys, hotass angels, Vietnam Vets, psychic powers, Yellow-Eyed Demons and why Kripke owns our souls. We want to have a few drinks, get down with the meta, and have a go-round at all the intellectual stuff that is making our nerdy hearts sing since last we all saw each other.

In essence, this is the place to get your geek on. Hardcore. Bring your theories, your complex ideas about Castiel and the nature of destiny, post-traumatic stress disorder and John Winchester, theodicy and the problem of evil in Supernatural, biblical prophecy and perdition, or what it means to have demon blood in you (and why does Sam make it sound like he's got AIDS?), anything that moves you. The rules are simple: be excellent to each other, and have some thinky thoughts. Or come watch people have thinky thoughts. Whatever melts your butter.

The Impromptu part (aside from a vague RENT reference because Kim is a dork like that) is that we want to know what time works for people who want to get down with their nerd selves. Friday after the vid show? Saturday night? (If any of y'all say Saturday morning early, we all will dump holy water on you. Fangirls are not morning people, and obviously, you're possessed.) Comment, plan, let's schedule. We want an SPN think tank filled with as many brains as possible.

Spread the word, spread the love: it's time to get geektastic.

(Yes, this was copied word-for-word from Kim's post.)
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '08

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