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Damn. Just finished a LotR: EE marathon. Total running time for FotR, TTT, and RotK EE's? Eleven and a half hours. Damn. We started at noon with about nine people and wavered along through the day (Our low was three, me my new roomie (Namewithheld until she get's an LJ), and Brittney--this complete LotR freak who spent the entire day using her new Great Britain flag as a blanket) and ended at about eleven forty-five with about twenty or so including two of the security guards.

Last night me, Roomie, Addie, and Brittney spent three hours at The Arizona Center (Tourist Central) eating. We left at around seven thirty and walked there ('bout a half hour walk) then Addie walked around a few of the stores while he rest of us oogled through flag world.

Yes. You read that right. We are such big geeks we went giddy in a flag store. Brittney spent her entire paycheck (twenty-six dollars for the next two weeks) and then some (Borrowed two bucks from me and three from Roomie) on The Jack. You know what, I'm sorry but when I write "The Jack" I automatically think of Sparrow. And you know what? I just spent ten minutes googleing whether to call it The Jack, The Union Jack, or the Union Flag and got no diffinitive answer. So I'm calling it the Union Jack.

Anyway. She got that and then Roomie bought an Irish flag and after I did a little internal Squee! of Geekdom they decided that since they were Ireland and Britain that they need to fight to be culturally correct. But then Brittney hit Roomie in the shoulder and I informed her that she just attcked Northern Ireland so theoretically she just kinda hit herself. And then me and Roomie spent the rest of the night trying to overthrow her. Much of the fun. I had a sub from subway and a huge thing of Ice Cream from Coldstone.

Damn. I'm hungry now. Stupid expensive-ass, tiny pizzas they can't feed anyone. Gargh. So very tired. Stupid laundry. Oy. Flist now, sleep later. Love you all. Moo.
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