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Writing is hard.

Especially when it's something you've been working on for way too long and have never actually done before.

J2 fic is hard. Angstless fic is hard. Angstless J2 kind of completely attracts writer's block like shirtless!Jared attracts strippedpink.

3,560 words and I am TRAPPED. In the BEGINNING of the fic. You guys should totally, like. Say stuff or something to try and help.

The goodbye is awkward, neither of them willing to say the words because of some bone-deep superstition that it will jinx them, will mean they won't get picked up and this will be the end of the ride. They joke and kid and trade numbers, they say they'll call and when they go to leave Jared loses his mind. He tries to resist, tries not to do it, but he just can't help himself. Chad fucking warned him, "Don't fucking hug anyone dude, Hollywood doesn't do that. And you creep people out, too," but he just couldn't resist.

It was the longest, most awkward ten seconds of Jared's life and when they break and Jared heads into his trailer it's all he can do not to slam his head into the wall repeatedly.
Tags: fandom: cwrps: j2, writer's block, writing

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