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Perspective helps? Or something.

The bad:

  • I pulled a muscle in my chest late last week and now it hurts when I move certain ways or have a bra off. So showers are a no-no. Baths are hard to remember because I'm used to showering when I wake up.

  • My new job is crap and I suck at it. I was pulled off the inbound calls at, like 1000 or something and spent four or five hours doing outbound warm-calls, getting 95% answering machines and 5% DNC and people who weren't interested.

  • I have to be up at 0430 for my job at 0630. I sit at work for an hour in the breakroom and do not a lot of anything for that hour.

  • No one seems to be writing Wincest anymore. :(

  • Did I mention I pulled a muscle in my fucking BOOB? OW MOTHERFUCKER, SHIT DAMN OW.

  • I have SO MUCH fic I should be writing.

The good:

  • WinCon in 23 days!

  • Money! Kindasorta.

  • Supernatural is back!

  • Sam and Dean are in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

  • Jensen and Jared LIVE together and Jensen has a crush on Jared and changes his last name to Padalecki and, HMOG, WHO NEEDS A FUCKING TINHAT?

  • Heroes in two minutes (as of typing).

  • SPN in three days!

  • People are writing J2 fic!

  • I have an extra hour to write in the mornings?

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