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WinCon 3: Beyond the Thunderdome

Current Roommate List
clex_monkie89 (Hai thar);
laser_radiation (She!Sam);
velithya (Big Aussie);
jadetate (Homecoming Queen!sister);
tsukinofaerii (Pissy);
brynspikess (Bryn);
britomart_is (Room!Newbie);
shinineko1 (Pissy's Neko);
unperfectwolf (Steve);
locknessy (Nesse), and;
waterofthemoon (Sara).

Arrival Plans
clex_monkie89: Thursday, October 16th at 1441
laser_radiation: Thursday, October 16th at UNKNOWN TIME
velithya: Thursday, October 16th at 1642
jadetate: Thursday, October 16th at 1642
tsukinofaerii: Thursday, October 16th at 1407
brynspikess: Driving in on Thursday, October 16th
britomart_is: Friday, October 17th at 1450
shinineko1: Arriving by bus on Thursday, October 16th at 2335
unperfectwolf: Arriving Friday, October 17th at 1030
waterofthemoon: Thursday, October 16th at 1441

Departure Plans
clex_monkie89: Tuesday, October 21nd at 1745
laser_radiation: Sunday, October 19th at UNKNOWN TIME
velithya: Monday, October 20th, at 0820
jadetate: Tuesday, October 21nd at 1452
tsukinofaerii: Monday, October 20th, at 1349
brynspikess: Driving out on Sunday, October 19th
britomart_is: Sunday, October 19th at 1920
shinineko1: Leaving by bus on Monday, October 20th at 0630
unperfectwolf: Leaving Sunday, October 19th at 1530
waterofthemoon: Tuesday, October 21nd at 1521

New Weekend Prices (Approximate)
$583.08 (weekend total)
$583.08 / 8 (people) = $75ish (per person, for the weekend).

Sunday and/or Monday Room(s)
$150 (approximate total)
$150 / 2 = $75 (per person).

Extra Information
As most of you know (britomart_is, laser_radiation, I don't have emails or IM contact info for you two) waterofthemoon is staying with us for free, because it was okayed and because It would only save everyone about five or ten bucks a piece. We now also have unperfectwolf and locknessy crashing in our bathtub. They haven't been factored into the room cost because when I say that they're crashing in our bathtub I mean the actually bathtub, not just a piece of floor or something.

I just don't feel very comfortable charging two other poor college girls sixty bucks for about eight square feet of room. If they do end up paying it won't be the full split that the rest of us are doing because, as I said, that just doesn't feel fair to me.

If there is ANYONE going to WinCon who needs a room for Sunday and/or Monday night(s) please, feel free to comment here. The more people to a room the less expensive it is, and us poor folk gotta stick together, you know?
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fandom: winchestercon '08
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