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Random RL picspam time

Pictures of Yussie and Sam III (the newest laptop) under the cut.

This is Sam. He is a protected, nerdy, J2 and Wincest loving little fanboy.

This is a closeup of his letters. I just colored in the "Winchester" and "<3" myself just now, because they were plain, old, boring white. And I made the "A" and "E" in the "J SQUARED" one. The "A" is an upsidedown "U" with part of a "Z" in it and the "E" is a "B" with it's round parts cut off.

Ain't he purty?

This is Yussie last Halloween. His hair has gorwn significantly since then and was a good six or so inches longer up until last week.

This is Stephie's hand holding up Yussie's ponytail against my 24x30 board for a size ref. They still had to cut off another three inches before the could buzz it.

And this is Yussie about a week ago, hours after getting his high and tight.

He didn't technically have to get it until January when he got shipped to Basic, but he's been kind of itching to shave his head again for a while anyway.
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