BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

You know what sucks?

When there's a fic you're looking for that you know you have bookmarked but you can't remember who does it or what the name of it is.

So, I'm asking your guys for help. Because I figure y'all might know this and f you don't I can always check the comms.

First one is Wincest. Post-FPB. They show up on the lawyer Mara's doorstep and... IDK. Something. It's short and low-rated? FOUND: Reaffirmation by prmalscream.

The second one is J2, and it should be easy to find. Jensen used to do porn, Jared finds out because Sandy sends him tapes of it. It's multi-chaptered (four, I think) and obviously NC-17. It's also nowhere near as crappy as I make it sound. FOUND: (il)Licit by hegemony.

Anyone know either?
Tags: flist love

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