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WinCon 3: Return of Queen


So, the current list of roommates is now as follows:

clex_monkie89 (Hai thar);
crediniaeth (Faith);
laser_radiation (She!Sam);
velithya (Big Aussie);
jadetate (Homecoming Queen!sister);
tsukinofaerii (Pissy);
brynspikess (Bryn), and;
britomart_is (Room!Newbie).

Am I missing anyone?

New Weekend Prices (Approximate)
$110 (Room) + $70 ($10 per extra, seven extras) = $180 (one room, one night)
$180 (one night fee) * 3 (nights) = $540 (whole weekend - tax)
$540 + $30.60 (tax) = $570.60 (weekend total)
$570.60 / 8 (people) = $75ish (per person, for the weekend).

Please bookmark this post.
As we get nearer to the con people will be getting their flight information and so on and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could remember to come back here and drop the info in the comments, so that I can keep track of us easier.

We have the room Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, with checkout set for Sunday morning. My flight plans (see previous post) mean I personally will be needing a room for Sunday and Monday nights. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try and book a room or see if anyone has a spare room for me to crash in those two days, so if anyone else is staying past Sunday you would do well to mention it here, so we can brainstorm.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fandom: winchestercon '08

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