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I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

I was talking w/my sister Chelsea right, who flew in from Colorado for my graduation and we were sitting in the common room of the dorms for like an hour talking and then one of the security guards comes up and asks if he can borrow my cell phone for a minute and I tell him I don't have one. And then he asks me what I'm doing and I tell him I'm talking to my sister but the idiot doesn't even see her. I know she's invisible but her clothes aren't. Duh.

Also my friend Jenn's Dad is suppossed to be flying in from Sliding Albion in a few hours for her graduation but they won't let his ship dock w/the rest of the Cargos.

On another note I swear if one more idiot trys to get me to eat one of those ketchup candies I'm going to kill them. Those things are so nasty it's not even funny.

All day long I've been hearing (Through the pysch link) about the penguins and how they're so bad and such a problem but we've don't seem to have that much of a problem with them here. Of course our biggest problem w/the zombies (Who passed their eating stage and are now all dancing in the streets like a white-boy party unleashed into nowhere) is the smell. I mean, rotting flesh is one thing but broiled flesh? Yuck.

Have I mentioned it's 665 1/2 degree's out right now? It's January and now it's starting to cool down a bit. Stupid fucking Arizona. I told everyone we should've opted out of the option but "No" they all said, "If we become a hell-state we'll get more moneu for our shitty-ass sports teams."

Of fucking DOOOOOOOM bitch.
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