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|Master Post.|

The scene chart, as done by the fucking amazing waterofthemoon. She really saved me with this, I wrote the fic all out of order, like I did last year, but this time I was having issues trying to make it fit together.

And this is what I do when I suck at writing.

A couple of quick sketches of Jess's neck tattoo, very sloppy, not meant to look good, just done to explain to waterofthemoon what they looked like.

This is Jess's cupcake tattoo, as found randomly on Flickr. Just pretend that's a shoulder and not someone's arm.

And, in keeping, Dean's tats, the Maltese Cross on the left and the Seal of Solomon on the right.

Jess's harness and the dildo. Also, the Feeldoe.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic, fic genre: het, fic genre: slash, fic genre: wincest, fic pairing: dean/other, fic pairing: sam/dean, fic pairing: sam/jess, fic pairing: sam/omc, fic rating: nc-17, fic: supernatural, fic: supernatural: big bang, fic: supernatural: symbology

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