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Holy fucking SHIT, guys.

That was amazing. I'm shaking because I'm still so keyed up and it's been a half an hour. Also? A little bit because The Joker is a creepy, creepy bastard.

I love how everyone fucking CHEERED when Gordon showed up again. <3333333333

Also, the guy I was sitting next to? Was kinda cool before the movie, we were talking and kind of flirting? But, HMOG, he's THAT DUDE. You know, the one who is laughing when no one else is and asks a fucking question during the silent scene? UGH NO.

Also? CILLIAN! I totally didn't think it was actually him at first. WAY cool.

Maggie, I love you SO fucking much and you made me LIKE Rachel. I fucking HATED her in the first movie because Katie!Rachel is made of suck.

I... I feel creepy and like a tool for saying it but I'm even sadder about Heath now. I was one of those people who just couldn't believe it when it happened, and now it's like that all over again. He was fucking PERFECT and magnificent and creepy and he played off Christian Bale SO WELL (along with everyone else he shared a scene with) and I'm sad we won't get to see more.

Also, loved the multiple, "You wanna know how I got these scars," stories.

Two-Face? CREEPY-ASS FACE. WIN. But they killed him. :( But it was a fucking awesome plot move, because Batman isn't supposed to be everyone's friend, and that set it fucking nice and, more importantly, his transformation was believable.

Also, of COURSE Joker would reverse the numbers. That's why Batman said he was going after Rachel (Dent)--because he knew the cpos would go after Dent (Rachel).

Aaron Eckhart was fucking amazing too, I know that he hasn't been getting much mention with Heath and his incredible turn but, holy shit, dude. He was amazing.

Also? I gained, contplated how to write, and lost an OT3 in two and a half hours. Man. Bruce/Rachel/Harvey would've been hot, too.


There's this scene, where Joker MASTERFULLY plans and plans and manages to get an entire ferry full of prisoners and an entire ferry full of normal people stuck in the harbor. He rigs them with explosives, gives them each a detonater and tells them that if in one hour one of them hasn't blown the other up he's gonna blow them both.

And, yes, this is going where you think it is--with neither of them hitting the switch. But it's played out SO WELL that I actually cheered when a prisoner threw the fucking detonater out of the window. Because it was played REAL, not, "Oh, gosh. Darn. Well, I guess we shouldn't do it at all because we're all moral, upstanding people."

This movie was COMPLETELY about choices, man. You chose to do good, you choose to seek revenge. You choose to save your ass and destroy yourself, you choose to doom yourself but redeem yourself.

And, in shalow notes, that scene in the trailed with the semi backflipping? MOTHERFUCKING SWEET, DUDES. WE CHEERED!

I have MANY, MANY more thoughts but I need to... IDK. Do something and maybe try to sleep, seeings as how I work in about three and a half hours.

Trailers in front were: The new Mummy movie (I love how NO ONE CLAPPED OR LAUGHED FOR ANY OF THE TRAILER, HMOG SO FUNNY), the new 007, WATCHMEN, Tropic Thunder, and Body of Lies. Possibly in that order, I think. Maybe.
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