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Because Jared and Jensen's hips don't have faces and it's almost posting time anyway (kinda).

Man, I cannot tell you guys just how much I want to go see The Dark Knight all Jokerized the day it opens. And, man, if I wasn't sure I would be the only one in the place doing it I so would. Also, y'know, the bus.

Also, in semi-fandom news, I've seen some people on my FList do this in response to the pep talk meme. Gimme concrit! You don't learn if you never find out what's wrong. And when I say concrit I mean constructive criticism. "You write too much Sam/Dean," is not concrit. Neither is, "write faster." I could totally use this, too. seeing as how I'm finishing up stuff on my Big Bang (ending ongoing scenes, etc).

Go DL Firefox 3!

The laptop I wanted to be Sam III? Is back up to $899 before tax. My check on Friday will be approximately $650 after taxes. IDK what I'm gonna do because Sam is seriously on his last legs here. I'm trying to decide between getting a cheap-ass laptop and begging CJ to get a Best Buy credit card so I can get it now and pay it off over the next few checks. It seems like an easy choice but CJ's planning on getting a Corvette here in a couple of weeks when he gets his bonus (and he seriously deserves it, because his truck has no windshield wipers, no breaks, the right door doesn't open, etc, etc, and instead of getting any of that fixed he does stuff like spend two hundred dollars on flowers for Mom because she's having a shitty day at work and her job is closing down on Thursday) and every time someone/something checks you credit--like to give you a card--it drops your score a little more.

Also? That thirty dollar iPod wall charger I got a few weeks ago? BROKE IN HALF. I unplugged it from the wall and it literally fell apart in my hands, prongs coming out of the plastic that separated from their pieces and spilled wires out into nowhere.


And now to keep looking for laptops.
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