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Uhm. Hai thar?

So. I have:

  • Metallicar--a 500GB Maxtor external harddrive.

  • About fifty or sixty bucks?

  • $180 put aside for my ticket to WinCon.

  • NO fucking free time at all anymore.

  • Read two Big Bangs, belyste's and memphis86's.

  • Not left comments on either yet because one I finished in the middle of the night (I think) and the other I finished at work.

  • A fucking RETARDEDLY INSANE amount of stuff left to do on my Big Bang because I only have a small amount of time each day to type shit up onto the computer (stupid, STUPID longhand).

  • 218 comments in my fucking inbox.

  • The intent to answer at least some of those 218 comments some day.

Also? My Big Bang now has incubi-infected frat boys in it. AND THERE'S NO SEX IN THAT SCENE, HMOGWTFBBQSALSA?!

I get paid again on the 20th, and then I plan on buying Sam III, because Sam II now has (on top of his wobbley net and broken CD-Rom drive and missing Caps and A keys) a GIANT crack in his fucking casing all down his left side and the left part of his... Thingies that keeps the screen connected to the body, is broken. This is gonna be Sam III, BTW.

I'm trying SO fucking hard to think of something else to tell you guys.

I'm watching Secondhand Lions right now because it came on TNT and Chris is in it. I've pretty much actively avoided this movie till this point because the write-ups of it always made it sound SO FUCKING BORING and very much not my kind of movie. In related news can "coming of age story" be banned from all reviews everywhere forever, plzkthnx?

But. I'm watching it and I'm twenty minutes in and I'm LOVING it. Why? Because Haley Joel gets sent to stay with his two uncles who vanished together forty years ago and then reappeared in Texas who may or may not be secret bajillionaires and who shoot at fish in their lake and don't have a phone or TV but keep shotguns next to them on the porch so they can shoot at random idiots who come up and they bicker like a married couple and one of them SWORDFIGHTS IN HIS SLEEP. Yeah, that's right, this dude is Sam and Dean's great-nephew. I'm now convinced Haley Joel's grandma in this is Jo. Michael Cain's character is SO Sam and Robert Duvall's is Dean.

Hub (Robert Duvall's character): *While hoeing the garden* I HATE IT. I HATE IT. I HATE IT. WE'RE RETIRED.
Garth (Michael Caine's character): We're GARDENING. It's what retired people do.

Also, I just saw Nathan Petrelli and Madison from Heart.

And, yes, Dean!Hub is the one who swordfights in his sleep (and made someone else ride in back in the dude's own car because he wanted to drive and Sam Garth had to sit up front).

...But. Yes. Download this movie now, it's nowhere near as shitty and boring as the fucking reviews made it sound.

There's not really anything in this post that actually warrants this icon (except maybe the thing with my work's rules?) but it's V pretty and I want to use it.

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