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Stupid fic

Okay, I know warnings on fic are a touchy subject for some people. I don't weigh in on the whole thing because, well, I like staying away from wank.

But I just spent all day reading an 89k fic and in the chapter before the last one there's a major character death that wasn't warned for at all. And that just, UHG, that pisses me off.

I don't usually care one way or the other about warnings. They're usually more of an enticement for me, but there are some things I really think should be warned for, like major character death, non-con, D/s and other potentially triggering things.

Which reminds me, please guys, if you're reccing a story don't link to the cut, trim it down to the base URL, please? Otherwise people do things like read hardcore D/s fic without noticing because you didn't mention it in the rec and the warning in the main post was up above the initial line of sight. And no, this isn't me telling you what you have to do, this is just me asking nicely. Stumbling upon triggering or hardcore squicky fic is BAD, yo.

I was actually liking he author, too. She wasn't great but she was pretty good.

(Don't worry, it's an story from an old spnstoryfinders entry.)
Tags: fandom: supernatural, kill them all, random: bitching
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