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Stupid fricken Residential Advisors! Okay to explain the pissy that is me I'll start this way.

Every week AM and PM chores are dispersed, Monday night I got a 9:15PM bathroom clean-up, Monday afternoon I signed up for a Thrusday night trip to the dollar movies and a Saturday afternoon trip to Metro Center (one of our malls). I get out of school yesterday and have just enough time to put my stuff away, shower, eat, sing-out and go with them. All week I was waiting for the trip cause I missed last week's (more on that later) and one of our RA's (Residential Advisors) even knew I was going and didn't say anything, K? Just wanna let you know where I'm at.

Well, I get home last night at like 10:30pm and RA Mona has given me a write-up because apparently everyone knows that you're not allowed on the trips if you have PM chores, but nobody told me! Monday I have Dorm Court where I'll try to explain it. Somehow I doubt it'll change anything but one can hope.

And to top it all off, I'm stuck here for the weekend, the phones (all 2 of them for all 50 girls) were busy literally all week so I couldn't call anybody and beg to go stay over. Given I could've only called my grandmother and my one friend but still...

Okay, breakfast in a few minutes then school after that and I still have to check my mail. I'll try to write more tonight to make up for skipping last night's post. Not that anybody's reading, but it's the thought that counts.

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