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AZ thinks it has weather. That's cute.

Okay, so. A few days ago it was 120, then 110. Yesterday it was 55 at one point and sprinkled on and off all day. Today we have a high of 70 and it's supposed to rain all day.


This means I got to wear my new Zeppelin hoodie yesterday and get to wear it again today, too!

See? Ain't it cool?

And the obligatory em pic that you have to make when you buy something from Hot Topic (STFU, it was $24 instead f seventy-something).

I know, fake emo pic because I didn't take it myself and it's straight-on instead of tilted "artfully."

Also? NOT FAIR! TP just posted her Not!Big Bang and not only do I have to leave for work in a half an hour but afterwards I have t possibly go get my nails fixed so I can type again and get my hair redyed. BOO.

But at least I know what I'm doing when I get home. :D
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