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I woke up at four today, like usual, with cramps so bad I had to call into work with food poisoning. Not usual.

Midol, much like the cake, is a LIE.

On the plus side, maybe I can finish my Big Bang? Yeah, I know, this is my fault for suddenly deciding what I really needed was more plots in it. FAIL.

On the plus side, I don't post until July 21st--which is fucking awesome because I've been paranoid about getting all my editing and betaing done in time with my newfound life. Now I don't have to worry about telling Sara, "MOG, I ONLY HAVE A WEEK, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND BETA THIS SHIT ASAP!!!"

Also, my super fantastic artist sent me the first draft of one of my arts last night--that's right, "one of"--and I'm telling you guys, I think I want to marry this girl. It's so amazing and perfect and she's not even done and she's making more stuff, too!

And in RL news Sam II (this laptop) isn't gonna last very much longer, I fear. He's second hand from someone Dad knew so when I got him he was all achey with a non compatible DVD-Rom drive shoved into his and a wobbley neck/screen. Now he's missing the Caps Lock and A keys (hence the USB laptop I have now and all the keymashes when I try to type) and his casing is cracking and coming apart at the seem near where his neck wobbles. I really need a new/another job because right now I only make a little less than $300 every two weeks, and while that's okay because I don't have bills it's not enough to buy things like shampoo and food and still save up for plane tickets and Sam III and stuff.

What I really need is someone willing to give me a fucking credit card, because my problem is only getting the money all at once. But, no, I've got to have the really shitty credit because of some Skank-Bag at Job Corps who basically said that unless I got her a phone in my name she was gonna call the cops on Yussie and say he stole her identity (because he had a phone in her name and wouldn't let her use it because he was paying for it and she wanted to use it for free). So she charged up $900 in phone bills on it and I didn't find out until the collection agency called me and tried to tell me to pay up.

Ah, teenage stupidity and good intentions.

Oh, and because I know about that wank going around I want to clarify something, I call this girl Skank-Bag not because of the phone thing, but because she slept with half the male dorms, repeatedly threw herself at my brother in front of his girlfriend and fucked one of the security guards for two months because he didn't realize she was only sixteen and she could blackmail him into getting special treatment because he didn't want to go to jail branded as a child molester (because cho-mos are damned lucky if they only end up practically living in the infirmary).

Which brings me to my thoughts on the wank. Let me show you them: GUYS. WHY AREN'T YOU PORNING? LESS WANK, MORE WANKING!

And now I think I'm gonna go back to trying not to cry like a little girl and write some more.
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