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Long time no write...

I got fired from my job on the fifth, but I got a new one already. Given, I hate this job with a passion and even though I only started last Saturday I've already gotten to the point where I'm dreading the weekends. It pays $7.50 an hour though so...

God. It entails getting up at five in the morning on Saturday and Sunday to sit outside by myself for twelve hours straight gaurding a gate that no one uses--at all--on Sundays. The first three hours of the day, six to nine I want to quit. It's cold enough that I can see my breath (Remember that I live in Arizona), it's dark until about eight, and I'm so tired I can barely lift my fucking head.

Today I was supposed to go out with Idiot-Boy, Addie, and some other friends to a Chinese food restraunt to eat with my last check from work...
But the asshole who got me fired (By telling me I wasn't scheduled and screwing me out of fifteen of my twenty hours for a week) also managed to fuck the paperwork and yeah. No last check. That means that until next week I have literally two dollars and change to my name. I am honestly so depressed by this...

I graduate high school on Thursday. This is a huge, gigantic, big-deal for me and my family. Bigger than for most people. My mother dropped out when she was sixteen, she got her GED around nine or so years ago. My Dad dropped out when he was fourteen and has recently ogtten his GED. In prison. Bryon, the older bro in prison, dropped out his...I think it was sophmore year and is studying for his GED. I dropped out when I was twelve and I'm the first one in my immediate family to graduate high school.

And yet typing this now? Not really looking forward to it. No particular reason just... Not. I don't know why I'm typing this, it's not like anyone reads it...

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