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Walt doesn't even have his last name. Damn. Also? The hat that's supposed to make Mercutio look young? So lame.

Love Boone's response to Walt's strike. "Woah."

Mercutio calling Walt little man sounded very forced and creepy. And am I the only one seeing Locke as this massive cult leader type? I mean, Boone is just so...he fricken lept on a guy with a knife to protect Locke. Damn.

Aww! Cute baby! Ooh. Poor Merc. He wanted Walt with him so badly.

Sayid. Still hot. Triangle man. Heh, 48 people on a tiny little raft.

Yay! Green Lantern and The Flash in a Spanish comic w/polar bears! It's like he's GL w/o the ring dude.

Aww, poor Merc, again. OOH! OOH! He just got fucking hit! He just got hit by a fucking car! OOH!

Sawyer's an ass still. Loved Chahlie punching him in the nicked artery.

Chahlie: You hit like a Ponce.

Yay for Boone! He stood up against Shannon! But really? What the hell is that around his eyes.

There has to be a reason Mercutio doesn't want Walt around Locke, but I'm kinda afraid to know what it is. Also? Damn but he's going about that the wrong way.

Penguin w/a sunburn, also a baby Zebra w/a diaper rash and a racoon in a blender. I don't like Susan. Bitch. Didn't even bring Walt. Dude, fuck her. He's one of the few guys out there who wants to be invoved in his kid's life and you... Fucking bitch.

"I've had my share of manly encounters." Chahlie. Damn. </i>So</i> many responses to that sentence. Holy shit Dom's funny dude. The...thing...with the diary? Awesome. He even fucking bit it!

They so weren't paying attention to Walt man, he's not happy. (Just skimmed my FList and so the non-specific ARGH! NO!'s O' Doom) Oh tell me they don't kill Walt as their "main chara death." Dude, Walt looks--(Bird hits window)--dude! Tell me that's a Bronze Cukoo! Tell me that's a Bronze Cukoo!

Dawson! That's his name! heh-heh, he's the Dawson! Merutio Dawson and Walt Porter. That fucking bastard! Brian didn't even want him! Walt's like the Green Lantern but he ate the ring...

That bitch. Inside the box is like every ltter and picture he ever fucking sent. I hate Susan even more than Shannon because Susan is one of those preppy types, the kind that's al nice and sweet to your face and an evil skank behind your back. How much do I love Mercutio? T H I S M U C H ! He actually lied to Walt, made Brin seem like the good guy and himself seem like the bad guy, rather than Walt know what an asshole Brian is. Best part was when Merc gave Walt Brian's dog. So awesome.

Nononononononononononono! Not Merc, NO! No, no, NO! Oh good. For a moment there I was terrified that Merc was gonna get chomped. And from that look I'd say The Cult of the Creepy Invisible Not-Dino Of Doom has one more member.

The diary! He read it! You knew he was gonna crack.

"I'm bloody scum, alright?"

Dude, I was so pissed that Jack and Sayid (Don't remember which specifically) told Chahlie not to go hunting for Claire right now. I mean, okay, given, it's like midnight or something but... Still.

Also? As a last? You know I'm gonna have to do it. Just call be a sheep and get me outs this sweater...


Next Week: A motherfucking rerun. Bastards.
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