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I HAZ A JOB! Part of why my posting has been minimal lately. I'm a Breakfast Ambassador at a Fairfield Inn--which means that I set out the breakfast in the morning, keep everything all filled up, and then put it away and was the food covers. It's only part time, 0530-1000, but it's seven bucks an hour and it's not like I have bills to pay right now.

AND? I HAZ A SECOND JOB TOO! Almost. I actually have two offers, one for front desk clerk at a Marriott near my work (full time) and another for front desk at an Extended Stay America up around here. I know what Extended Stay wants to pay me and what shift they want me to work, I'm going in tomorrow for an interview, but I also had an interview with Marriott on Saturday, I'm just waiting on a call from them to find out what shift they might want me for.

Also? The job I have so far currently has me waking up at four in the morning, and thus falling asleep a lot earlier. Which is kind of annoying since I tend to have time to write mostly at night.

I have a little more than 13.5k on my Big Bang and about ten days to write 6.5k. I still think I can do it, I just have to figure out when I have the time (like, say, now?).

I'm such a loser. My birthday is on Tuesday and since there's nothing really that I want to see movie-wise I'm googling free stuff I can do/get on my birthday. Apparently some Denny's give you a free meal, free drink and free desert on your birthday so I'm definitely gonna be calling the one near my work, see if maybe I can grab a free lunch after it. And both Coldstone and Baskin Robbin's give out free ice cream so you better believe I'm gonna try and swing by them.

So. While I was busy not making posts I missed much talking? Jensen was a human being and everyone cooed, Jared was a human being and people declared their hate (shock me, shock me shock me with your deviant behavior), and some kind, brave soul finally stepped up to save Jensen and Jared's lives by letting all us RPS and Wincesters know how sick and horrible we are (and that leaving her comments on her fic saves lives, yo). ILU, Fandom, never change.

Oh, right, and something about a Twizzler and a dimple?
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