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[Insert something about Superman and bouncing bullets here]

  • Word has now learned how to auto-complete/ I type "Sam w" and it's suggestion is "Sam Winchester." ♥♥

  • Applied for jobs at Target, Wal-Mart and Harkins, had an interview with Target already, will hear from them in six to nine days.</i>
  • Am about to pass 10k on my Big Bang after writing nothing yesterday.

  • Have dragged tsukinofaerii kicking and screaming into Supernatural. Muahahahaha!

  • I saw Tommy Donnelly play a closeted little gay boy on Law & Order: SVU last night. That guy could give Jensen a run for his money when he cries.

  • Mayhem's so dumb he thinks he's had herpes twice.

  • I might get a bed this weekend! [o/

  • I'll be twenty-two in less than two weeks.

  • I forgot about this for hours and so am posting it now.

Also? GIP. It's a quote from Sara, describing how I write. And it's right, too, it's been hours and while I was a few hundred words from 10k before I'm STILL NOT THERE.
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