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I have my glasses and I can see! I also have what very well might be the ugliest back-up glasses ever and I will take pictures of me in them later to prove it.

I'm working on my Big Bang right now, trying to make up all those words I've missed doing this week. 261 words so far today!

I've also done the dishes, sent back my first reactions on lostt1's Big Bang, and... Crap. Completely forgot to call Ma back and give her the address for where to mail my con fee too. I should possibly do this, yes?

Oh! And I have an appointment about my knee brae set for April 4th! It was set for today but there were issues (CJ's truck decided to blow up a few days ago because it hates him, apparently) so I had to reschedule it. Just as well, too, because of the glasses.
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