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Dude, fuck Phish Food, One Cheesecake Brownie is my new favorite. Cheesecake ice cream with brownie cheesecake chunks and it helps

I'm back up to a hundred comments already. I'm gonna answer the ones on my workshop first, then my fics, then my actual posts. While I'm doing this I'm gonna be coding the NL (I'm gonna be coding all day so that it gets up even if I crash at ten again) and working out a class schedule or two for my Big Bang. Oh, also I have to do the dishes at some point today; since I'm awake with energy finally instead of just "awake and trying not to do anything so I don't get tired and fall asleep."

Man, it's really weird how good eight in the morning feels when you're waking up instead of falling asleep.
Tags: insomnia, rl, to-do list, writing
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