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WinCon, Workshops and Testimonials (Oh, my!)

Lindsay's running a Testimonial Meme; my thread.

Posted my writing workshop, How to Write Natural dialogue and Brotherly Banter and Make It Sound American, over at spnroundtable.

Also I have figured out that for WinCon this year I'll need between $500 and $1,000 depending on roommates and exactly how much I'm gonna be spending on the plane tickets. BTW? Oh, GOD, I'm gonna be on a plane for EIGHT HOURS in either direction. BY MYSELF.

Dear condescending asshat,

Go fuck yourself with a rusty spike. Get tetanus and then get a fucking life. Just because I don't think the way you do does not mean that I'm an idiot.

Fuck you very much,

Tags: fandom: supernatural, fandom: winchestercon '08, letters, links, meme

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