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Bermuda Triangle. It's not a dino that's the monster, it's Amelia Airheart.

Oh my god, poor Boone. He was trying to fucking help her that skank.

Dude, I heard wings flapping in the backround and then that fucking tree just got tore out! I was so fucking sure they were gonna show it and when they didn't I yelled so loud that Yihdega (A roomie from Etheopia, who speaks very little English--not that she would've been able to understand my babbliong anyway...)

Hate Shannon. Cunt-bag.

Okay you know what, so happy they're steps and so dissapointed at the same ti--DUDE!!! Ooh! Tell me she's dead! Oohoohoohoohoohooh! OOH! Yes!

Uh yeah, anyway. I think we have our main chara death now. Something ells me Locke isn't gonna be well liked when it's made known that he tied her up.

Like I was saying though, a few months ago the thought of it would've creeped the fucking hell out of me now? Post Boondock Saints? Eep.

What the fuck?! It--the--it--guh! WORDS-FUCKING-ERDS MAN! The motherfucking hell of goddamn motherfucking doom man?! I just--I... Wow. Fuck man shit like this makes me tempted to watch Alias.
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