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My Mom is sitting in the ER right now because her blood pressure was so high that the people at Urgent Care weren't sure how she was able to actually walk in and not have a stroke.

Best wakeup ever, right? [/sarcasm]

Yesterday she FINALLY went to get her eyes checked to get glasses and the doctor told her that her eyes were hemorrhaging. He said that that's either a sign of REALLY late diabetes or REALLY high blood pressure. She wouldn't go into the ER last night but I told her that she was going today or I'd never talk to her again.

So she got someone to come into work early and cover her, left at noon today and went to urgent care where they took her blood pressure AND THE MACHINE STARTED TO FLASH RED. She was like, 215/Something and they told her to go to the hospital ASAP.

So what did she do? Called CJ to see if she could get a hold of him while he was working and then drove over to Walgreens real quick before going to the hospital.

And then when she got there she was 230/Something.

She's still there in the waiting room right now. She's feeling pretty good, a headache has really been her only symptom. She'd been having pretty bad headaches lately and we both chalked it up to her needing glasses and only having the drug-store ones.

I'm freaking out more than she is because I've been telling her to stop smoking and get her eyes checked and everything. She wasn't even gonna go to the hospital but she knew I would be beyond pissed if she didn't.

DO NOT expect any answers to these comments for a while/if at all.

She just called me, they finally called her name and she's walking in right now.
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