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Been a while, 'eh?

I've got about twenty-fiveish unanswered comments from those last two ficlets. Damn, dudes. This is how I end up with 116 unanswered comments in my inbox.

We have another puppy! She's a nine week old baby pit that Yussie named Chopin. She is SO CUTE. And so soft, too.

Remix Redux sign-ups are open.

I got tagged for that seven quirks meme a while back by... Someone. I don't remember who. It was a while back.

Everyone should go join spn_forhire.

  1. I name my electronics. My laptop is Sam because he both knows everything and doesn't listen to me unless I yell at him. John is my iPod who keeps me busy on my long bus trips. Dean is my 40G external who holds all my extra Geek bits and plugs into Sammy. Bobby is the external DVD-rom drive/burner because he both helps me with the things Sam can't do (like read discs) and takes some weight off of Sam's shoulders.

  2. I totally forget to eat sometimes. When I PMS my appetite tends to vanish and/or I crave things we don't have like beef jerky or steak. And thus I will occasionally go a day or two with a handful of cookies in my system and not realize it until I'm talking about food in chat.

  3. I didn't really think Jensen looked all that good when I first started watching Supernatural. Honestly? I thought he looked kinda weird.

  4. Because of my OCD I tend to plan out basically every moment of a fic that I can if it's gonna be longer than about 1k. I only have one fic longer than a thousand words that hasn't been planned and it's completely stalled because I have no idea where it's going next.

  5. Because of my ADD (oh yeah, OCD and ADD, double-combo!) it takes me a long time to read fic. I literally can't do just one thing at a time; I read fic and mess around on Neopets and watch TV and check my FList and talk in chat all at once. Sometimes more. In fact, I'll usually have two or so fics that I'm reading at the same time and it's not unusual for it to take make more than a day to read a fic that's only about 5k.

  6. I hate pizza, popcorn, peanut butter, pepperoni, Dr Pepper, cherries, anything even a tiny bit spicy, and pecans, among other things.

  7. I rebel against censorship in my own way. I used to just dislike bandom but now I hate it specifically because I'm not even allowed to say that I don't like it.

And, y'know, while we're at it?

Unpopular Fannish Opinions

  1. I don't like Ruby. It's much the same way I didn't like YED; I like that I don't like her because it's fun having a character to hate. And, BTW, I think that "I remember what it's like to be human" shit is just that; shit.

  2. I despise Sam/Ruby. She is a demon; I don't think I will ever be able to suspend my belief enough to buy Sam willingly fucking a demon. Nothing to the ones who like it, I just can't see it.

  3. I don't like Katie Cassidy either. And I'm fucking allowed to. This has nothing at all to do with Supernatural because I didn't like her before it, I don't like her now and I probably won't like her afterward. This is also no one else's business. Whether or not I like her shouldn't fucking matter to you.

  4. I really wanted to like Bela but I don't. I was trying to describe Vala from SG-1 to waterofthemoon the other day while we were watching an ep of Stargate and I used the sentence, "She's like Bela, except awesome." And that thing from Red Sky at Morning with the mysterious angsty past implied by her apparently killing some family member and "you wouldn't understand; no one did," thing? BULLSHIT. Women don't need a tragic past that may or may not sound like their uncle/daddy/brother/grandpa touched them in a bad place.

  5. I prefer Bottom!Sam. That whole "Sam is the toppiest top to ever top and he holds Dean down and makes him like it" is just... I don't get it.

  6. I don't like drug!fic. This is a CWRPS thing, not an SPN thing, but that's a fandom too. About ninety-five percent of the of the drug!fic out there is just pot but... Even ignoring how very wrong so many authors get the stuff (I may never have done it but everyone else in my family has) is the fact that so often it's either romanticized or completely unnecessary. Jensen and Jared are at a party, they get high, nothing important to the plot happens and then it's the morning after. It's drugs for the sake of drugs. I will admit that there are times when the drugs are important to the plot, like the peyote in The Knuckles of Skinnybone Tree by hansbekhart, and in those cases I mind it a lot less. What I mind is how I can go back through my bookmarks and out of over a few hundred J2 fics I can literally read all day and see Jared and/or Jensen get high at least once in nearly every fic.

  7. Dean does not look like Mary. Every time I read a fic that talks about how much he looks like her it makes me want to tab back so fast I get dizzy. Yeah, if it's John's POV I can see it, because of course he's thinking about how much Dean and/or Sam remind him of her. But anything else? No. Take a look at a picture of young!JDM and then of Jensen. Then tell me how much Dean takes after Mary.

  8. I hate, hate, hate that basically every fic out there has Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen or Random A and Random B immediately having sex after declaring their love for each other. Hell, the mutual declarations of love from the middle of nowhere after just being friends for so long is one thing, that bothers me enough, but then jumping straight to full on dick-in-ass big gay sex? No. People, even guys, can discover they like each other and then not immediately have sex. Shocking, I know, but true.

  9. I'm a Sam girl. Really, there's nothing else that needs to be explained on that one.

  10. I don't like fics where Sam and Dean settle down and stop hunting. No matter how much John wanted it for Dean, or even how much Dean might want it himself back in the hidden parts of his mind, Dean is not built for sitting still like that. I moved around growing up about as much as we think the Winchesters did and if I'm stuck in the apartment for a week I start to go stir-crazy. Actual, physical unease and jitteryness; my skin gets itchy, I can't sit still and I just need to get the hell out for a little while. I'm fairly sure that's what Dean would be like with a house to live in long-term. Because of this I just don't like fic where Sam and Dean settle down in one location with no intention of leaving and Dean is all peachy-keen and groovy. Hell, I think Sam feels that itch too but he'd be a hell of a lot more prone to ignore it.

P.S. Dear fandom, more sixty-nining fic, please.
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