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My brother, Andy is over for the week or so, right? And between him and Yussie they know pretty much everything about computers, or at least they think they do.

He just got a new Toshiba laptop, right? And a wireless card to go with it. And I thought that was weird because, y'know, you'd think a new computer would have a card built-in.

It does. And I discovered it. After he spent like, sixty bucks buying a card and making himself look like an idiot in front of the guy at the store.

Also? Up to SGA 0206. Just about to start it, actually. I am in such love with Ronon it's sort of not funny. He's just so damned pretty, you know? And his arms? GUH.

Yeah, that's basically it for now.
Tags: fandom: sga, rl: andy

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