BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Man, I forgot how much I love this show.

Holy shit, guys. The whole part where they cut back and forth from Brook singing " My Favorite Things" to Scanlon and Huston's character (whose name I can't remember even though I just finished the show seconds ago) with the exterminator was just amazing. Seriously, this is why I love TV, guys.

Also? Is it just me or did Brook's faces while singing bother anyone else? She looked so... Angry.

I'm not sure which was creepier, BTW, the little boy in the doll box or the little boy in the doll box with the mouse head from Allison's dream.

Also? Scottsdale Fashion Center looks nothing like that--that looked more like Arizona Mills Mall and we have no chanel 16 here in Phoenix. We have 3 (local), CBS 5, PBS 8, FOX 10, NBC 12, ABC 15, My 45--formerly UPN 45, and CW 6/61 (WB 6 on Cox Cable, station 61 with rabbit ears).

Also? The moment Alison said something about how the mouse had to be important I started actually yelling at my laptop, "RAT POISON! RAT POISON! IT'S AN ANTI-COAGULANT! HE USED RAT POISON!" Thank you Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

And who says you don't learn things from TV?
Tags: review: medium

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