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Firs WinCon planning post of '08

First official post is here, this is mostly just to establish the new tag here.

Fun fact: waterofthemoon and I found out just a few hours ago that it would be cheaper by $100-$200 for her to take the Greyhound from Dallas to Phoenix, hop a plane (or two) from here to Boston, fly back here and then Greyhound it back to Dallas. Rosenbaum, Julia, etc, is y'all are tight for money and/or loose on time you guys should think about that.

No, tickets have been bought yet--even if we had the money we aren't that dumb--this is so we know what flights/airlines/planes/times we're aiming for and about how much we need to save. I check for the two leading weekends in the poll--the last option of August and the last option of October. We plan on flying in on Thursday and out on Tuesday because that saves us money and gives us more time to fuck around Boston with people.

Sara's Greyhound

Dallas to Phoenix (Leaving on Aug 12): $54
Phoenix to Dallas (Leaving on 21): $54
Dallas/Phoenix/Dallas Roundtrip (Leaving Texas on Aug 12, leaving Phoenix on Aug 21): $118

Dallas to Phoenix (Leaving on Oct 14): $54
Phoenix to Dallas (Leaving on Oct 23): $54
Dallas/Phoenix/Dallas Roundtrip (Leaving Texas on Oct 14, leaving Phoenix on Oct 23): $108


WinCon flight tickets (PHX to BOS)

Aug 14-19:
Leave PHX at 0645, layover in Newark for 00:42 minutes and then we arrive at 1649.
Leave BOS at 1630, layover in Newark for 01:24 and then we arrive at 2210. 737's all the way.


Oct 16-21:
Leave PHX at 0640, layover in Minneapolis for 00:58 minutes and then we arrive at 1643. Boeing 757 both ways.
Leave BOS at 1605, layover in Detroit for 00:41 and then we arrive at 2030. Airbus A320 both ways.


And a general helper for anyone hopping on a plane at any point in time, really.

Seat Guru.
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