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Yuletide recs!

The Most Dangerous Of Our Vices (Blade Trinity). Hannibal King backstory. Hannibal/Danica, Hannibal/Asher, Hannibal/OFC with shades of Danica/Asher.

Morning Catastrophe (Bones). Short gen fic, the coffee maker at the Jeffersonian is broken.

Curriculum Vitae (Bones). Four jobs Angela passed through, and the one where she stayed.

Things About Music (Bones). Nice little genish piece about Bones' lack of musical knowledge. More or less.

One Voice (Bones). Angela! It's itty bitty, just read it.

Pie and Sweets (Bones). Gen. Bones and Booth having a disagreement (and Booth calling in Sweets for backup).

Tarot Reading (Boondock Saints). Post-movie, Smecker comes up with an idea to confuse the new profiler.

Playing Soldier (Boondock Saints). How the saints go to where they are today.

International Man of Mystery (Burn Notice). Michael's work through the years.

Live To Tell (Burn Notice). Michael growing up.

Dollars for Sense (Burn Notice). Eeee! It's an episode! Somebody wrote an episode! Sam's lady friend's friend has a problem that Michael gets pulled into helping.

That Merry Still Goes Round (Chuck). Why Captain Awesome is awesome.

Hasta La Vista (Mac v. PC commercials). Vista just couldn't accept that it was over.

Hanging Out, BFF (Mac v. PC commercials). Just two best friends, hanging out.

What Dreams May Come (Rozerm commercials). GENIUS, PURE GENIUS. READ IT NOW. When you don't sleep tsunamis happen, dude. Trufax.

The Sunshine of Your Love (Dexter). Post S2, Rita POV. Really, I don't think I need to say anything more, but I guess I will. Rita reflecting on Paul and Dexter and her relationships with them.

Women Are Wicked When They're Unwanted (Dexter). Short S1 AU with a different identity to the Ice Truck Killer.

Blood Will Out (Dexter). Oh, wow. This is just an awesome fic. Deb's POV during Father Knows Best. I would make coherent thoughts about this fic and go on and on and on about it if not for that fact that at the moment of writing this rec it's appx 0630 and I've been up for fifteenish hours.

Ask Me How (Dexter). Okay, you know what I said about the last fic? This one is even better. First person POV from Dexter--which works because the show is told in Dexter's first person POV--on the aftermath of the S1 finale (spoilers, obviously). The Dexter voice is so good and so right that I overlook the cursing (something that usually throws me right out if Dexter does in a fic). I would say that I want to wrap myself in this fic and roll around but all things considered I think that just might be really fucking creepy, even for me. This author's Dexter is sarcastic, dry, oddly funny and fucking perfect. Why are you still reading this? Open the damn fic already.
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